Performance - October 24, 2004
WA-Hi Performing Arts Auditorium

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Concert Notes from Artistic Director Dr. Christine Janis
"WOW!!! That was fun!" That's what audience members and singers alike said to me after the concert. It was a very fun afternoon spent reliving the oldies, but goodies, of the 1950's. Choir members outdid themselves with costumes! We had such a terrific variety of looks—from saddle shoes and poodle skirts to jeans and leather jackets to gray business suits. Our guest musicians from Wa-Hi did a great job for us, and added pizzazz to some of our songs. We won't ever forget Phyllis Bonds and her husband, Jim Conrad, "cutting a mean rug" to "At the Hop" and "Shake, Rattle, and Roll." This concert was a perfect way to start our special 25th Anniversary Season.


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