We invite you to join the “Friends of The Choral Society” by making a donation of your choice. Your tax-deductible contribution to our 501(c)(3) organization will help minimize expenditures in the areas of our budget that ticket sales, fundraisers and grants are unable to fill. Your contribution will enable us to continue a more than 30-year tradition of bringing quality choral music experiences to our community.

Your name will appear in the “Friends” portion of our program, and will be received with our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your support.

Donation opportunities for our Friends

Sixteenth Note imageSixteenth Note: $5 - $49

Eighth Note imgEighth Note: $50 - $99

Quarter Note imageQuarter Note: $100 - $149

Half Note imageHalf Note: $150 - $249

Whole Note imageWhole Note: $250 - $499

The Choral Society is a vibrant member of the local arts culture, and your contribution will enable us to continue our mission of:

"Making a Positive Sound in Our Community"

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Choral Society, you can download our editable 2018-19 Friends of the Choral Society Donation Form or message us through our Contact Us page.