Meet Ana Muñoz

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Member Since: 2014
2017 Concerts participated in:

  Sweet Songs of Christmas

I'm a fifteen-year-old homeschooler with five siblings (all of them annoying). I have lived in the same house my entire life, but hope to travel the world someday, especially Prague. I spend most of my time drawing, reading, avoiding my trigonometry homework, and training my own personal munchkin army consisting of my younger brothers. I bake a mean French baguette, but chocolate cheesecake is my specialty. I prefer cats over dogs, reading over TV, and chocolate over pizza.

My favorite Jane Austen character is Mr. Collins, and my secret obsession is Batman comics (not The New 52). I like to stay up too late and only crawl out of bed when my mother threatens me. I'm studying piano, guitar, and I love singing. I have terrible eyesight, perpetually cold hands, am very shy, but I like making new friends wherever I go. I'm proud that my art submission was chosen as one of the pamphlet covers this year.

Thank you for letting me be part of this wonderful group!