Meet Elaine Prentice

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Member Since: 2016

2017 Concerts participated in:
  Sweet Songs of Christmas

For 27 years, I had the most fun job in the world as a journalist, writer, editor, and publications designer at Whitman College. Before that, I lived in the Portland-Vancouver area where I went to school and then taught high school (mostly English).

But I was born and raised in Walla Walla, so you can ask me about what life was like here in the ‘40s and ‘50s!

I’ve always participated in choirs. For many years, I sang with the St. Pat’s 10 o’clock choir directed by Julie Jones.

I have a sweet daughter, wonderful son, two gorgeous granddaughters, and lots of family in the area.

I enjoy writing, reading, sewing, building things (like a trellis or fence), painting stuff, and other creative projects.

Singing, however, is the joy of my life!